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Green Forest School Board Placed on Notice

By: Kristen Dornburg
Posted: Monday, May 21, 2012

The Green Forest school board may be in for a shock at their regular meeting tonight in the Green Forest High School Library. 
KHOZ.com received a copy of a letter dated May 14th, signed by the Arkansas State Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, Rafael Garcia, and addressed to board president, Bud Phillips.
The letter reads in part that, “It has recently come to our attention that the Green Forest School Board has publicly stated that they will not comply with state and federal regulations allowing equal voting rights for school board member’s positions. The board has stated that they will redistrict to reflect the new census, however, they will not do as Berryville and other school districts are doing to follow the law. The law requires all school board members to stand for re-election in the next election. “
KHOZ.com attempted to contact both the president and vice president of the Green Forest School Board for comment. Neither was available, however, the secretary was reached and had no knowledge of the referenced letter.
Green Forest School Board Secretary, Jerry Carlton, told KHOZ.com that if the board president had received a letter, it would likely be discussed at tonight’s meeting.  He invites the public to attend:
A refusal to obey the law puts the district at risk of losing $1.2 million in state funding next year as a penalty for refusing to obey federal election law. 

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