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Sheriff Deputies Keep Woman from Jumping off Bridge

By: Elizabeth Monte
Posted: Monday, September 10, 2012


Concern and quick thinking by two Baxter County Sheriff's Deputies prevented a Mountain Home woman from possibly committing suicide Saturday night when she attempted to jump from the Highway 62 Veteran's Memorial Bridge.

According to Sheriff John Montgomery, Corporal Scott Thrasher observed the woman's vehicle stopped on the bridge about midnight. When he activated his blue light, the driver quickly exited her vehicle and attempted to climb over the railing. Corporal Thrasher exited his patrol car and grabbed the woman before she could jump off the bridge. Earlier, Deputy William Altazan made a traffic stop on the vehicle on the same bridge. He said the woman was making statements that made him concerned for her safety. However, the woman assured him she was fine and was going to her home in the Northern Hills area of Mountain Home.

The sheriff said due to the previous encounter and the direction of travel, Deputy Altazan traveled to the nearby Highway 101 Veteran's Memorial Bridge and Corporal Thrasher went to the Highway 62 Bridge where he observed the woman jump out of her car.

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