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Home School Organization Opposes Hollister Daytime Curfew

By: Sally Kaucher
Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The proposed curfew in Hollister is drawing opposition from the Home School Legal Defense Association. Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff says while nighttime curfews are fairly common across the country, the proposal in Hollister includes a daytime curfew, specifically during the days and hours that public school is typically in session. 

Woodruff’s organization is opposed to that.  He says children who are home schooled follow very different schedules…


Woodruff says daytime curfews come “perilously close” to violating 4th amendment rights...


Woodruff says children who are home-schooled have schedules which vary from those of public school students, including free time to walk to a library or park during traditional school hours...


The Home School Legal Defense Association is contacting Hollister aldermen to detail the organization’s position, and Woodruff says he hopes they’ll decide a daytime curfew doesn’t need to be pursued. The organization is not opposed to a nighttime curfew.

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