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Casey Honored by Former First Lady and C of O

By: Sally Kaucher
Posted: Monday, November 12, 2012

A graduate of Branson High School and College of the Ozarks is devoting her life to telling the stories of World War II veterans, one at a time.  Cailin Casey’s efforts have won the attention of former First Lady Laura Bush, who honored Cailin last week during a visit to College of the Ozarks…

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Cailin is now telling the stories of individual veterans.  Since graduating last spring, she spent the summer on the east coast, finishing one veteran’s story and starting another...

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Cailin wrote Twice As Brave after traveling to Europe with a group of veterans as part of the Patriotic Education Travel Program at C of O.  It’s available at the Keeter Center gift shop, with proceeds going to the travel program. 

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