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Boone County has Highest Percentage of Homes Sold in Arkansas

By: Elizabeth Monte
Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

While the statewide report for September saw a small decline in home sales, the Arkansas Realtors Association report for Boone County is the highest percentage gain in the state. Boone County numbers went up drastically while Carroll County stayed the same.

The report based on information from the North Central Board of Realtors, indicated 64 homes were sold in Boone County in September compared to 35 in September last year.  Year to date 482 homes have sold compared to 293 last year. That represents about an 82- percent increase for the month of September.

As for Carroll County 20 homes were sold in September both years but through out the year there has been a 21-percent increase of homes sold in Carroll County.  

Statewide, the Arkansas Realtor Association reported the number of homes that sold decreased by a little more than six percent over a year ago, while the average price of those homes sold rose by over seven percent. 

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