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No Arrests Yet in Baxter County Stabbing

By: Wayne Powell
Posted: Friday, December 07, 2012

A man, who just recently moved to Baxter County, was the victim of a stabbing incident Wednesday night at his residence near Midway. Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery said the victim is 20-year-old Roy Lee Hogans. 

Montgomery said Hogans was stabbed more than once, but at this point, they have not made any arrests…

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Montgomery said they served warrants yesterday at three separate residences but he declined to comment on what evidence they collected.

The sheriff said they have sent the body to the State Medical Examiner's Office as part of the ongoing investigation.

angel - 12/07/2012 6:56:44 PM
roy would never harm himself or anyone else.. he dated my sister a few years back and we have known him and his family for a while .. he was never the person to take his own life. his girlfriend had recently threatened to harm him because he was going to leave her . thats just how he was . once he got tired of a girl he moved on to the next one.someone deffinatly murdered him,and whoever did it diserves to be put to death . he was only 20 !!!!he had his whole life ahead of him.and now he will never get to see his children grow up .. he wont be able to walk his baby girl down the isle on her wedding day ..or see her graduate..someone will pay
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