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Hazardous Travel in Arkansas, Southeast Missouri

By: Harold Smith
Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Although southwestMissouriescaped the effects of that Christmas Day storm system, folks to our south and east were not as fortunate.

InArkansas, authorities are reporting travel conditions fromHarrisonwest as pretty good. However, as you move south towardLittle Rock, conditions get much worse, with some state offices inLittle Rockclosed today because of road conditions.Mountain Viewgot about six inches of snow, and travel in northeastArkansasis not recommended.

Likewise in southeastMissouri, where MODOT reports roads snow covered from West Plains to just south of St. Louis to the bootheel.

InKansas, snow covered roadways are reported in the western third of the state. In northeastOklahoma, road conditions range from normal to slick in spots. Road conditions inOklahomaworsen as you travel south of Interstate 40.

For Missouri road conditions:



For Oklahoma road conditions:


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