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Governor Jay Nixon Speaks Out Against Arming Educators

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2012

In response to a bipartisan push to arm educators, Missouri’s Governor is speaking out and says the proposal is the wrong approach to a serious issue. 

Governor Jay Nixon says Missouri already has a strong framework of laws to protect students and educators. Missouri’s Safe Schools Act, was passed in 1996 and he says it “is a time-tested and solid foundation that we should reinforce, not undermine.”   

Representative Mike Kelley is the sponsor of the legislation, which has the support of more than two dozen bipartisan lawmakers across the state.  He expects many changes to the proposed bill through compromise.  He says concealed weapons do not have to be guns.  They can be anything that is non-lethal…

Governor Jay Nixon Speaks Out Against Arming Educators – Michael Greeley

Nixon says, “…more can and should be done to enhance school safety, but this legislation would put our children at risk and limit the ability of local school districts to keep their schools safe.”  

Nixon has served as Governor for four years and as the state’s Attorney General for 16 years.

aparent - 12/27/2012 12:07:13 PM
We need to move past this "safe school" mentality and graduate to protected schools" think about it... Safe schools are the ones getting shot up... A protected school, if it doesn't completely discourage a potential attack, would surely shorten one of the attacks.
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