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Save the Passion Play

By: News Release
Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2012

SAVE THE PASSION PLAY CAMPAIGN – Do You Believe that the Passion Play should be saved for our children and grandchildren???  We do!

We have an opportunity to save a Gospel icon in our area. The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is in serious financial trouble and will cease to exist without our help. The Gospel Station has partnered with the Passion Play to try to raise $75,000 by Dec. 31.

This effort will save the production for future generations --- a plan is in place to see that it continues. If you want to help CLICK ON THE DONATE ICON in the upper right of this page.... and select "Passion Play." 

Did you know that without quick and drastic action…it will close in January 2013, the facilities demolished, and the Play closed forever… what a TRAGEDY this would be.

HOWEVER… We have a REAL CHANCE to SAVE THIS…but only with help from people like you, who believe in the Passion Play. By giving, you will make a HUGE difference.

We at The Gospel Station Network have been given a letter from the Bank, and from the Passion Play Board…giving us the opportunity to SAVE THE PASSION PLAY for future generations.

When someone sees with their own eyes the beating, the crucifixion, the resurrection of Jesus…it makes a lasting impact. Watching a movie, hearing the story or sermon… NOTHING is as effective as SEEING IT – LIVE! I will never forget the first time I witnessed the sacrifice Jesus made for us LIVE at the Passion Play… it causes a person to realize the pain and suffering He went through for us.

How can we allow the Passion Play to close…FOREVER?!

We have made arrangements with the Cornerstone Bank in Eureka Springs to take the steps necessary to STOP the foreclosure by the bank on Passion Play… but ONLY if we raise $75,000 by midnight Dec. 30th !!!!!! This is VERY VERY possible…if everyone who receives this letter will give $20, $50, $100 or more…we can do this…with God’s help!

- Randall Christy, President and Founder
The Gospel Station Network

Keith Butler, Chairman of the Board at the Passion Play…and Randall Christy, President and Founder of The Gospel Station Network…are teaming up because the Passion Play needs our help!!! Your contributions will be safe and if we do not raise the amount needed your donation will be returned. Let's all get together and save this production that had shared the Gospel to millions over the years. Let's make it the greatest evangelistic tool it has ever been!

Full Story continued:

The Great Passion Play of Eureka Springs has been an inspiration to over 7.6 million people…and has been a wonderful testimony to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for decades.

THE PASSION PLAY IS IN TROUBLE…It is about to be foreclosed on by the bank….if we don’t act quickly.

The Gospel Station Network has partnered with them to help them raise funds…and to consult with them.

They are about to go under…but we have helped them develop a strategy to keep it going and improve it and increase attendance.

If we can STOP THE FORECLOSURE…we have a PLAN to keep it going for many future generations.

What at shame it would be for the Passion Play to cease…in this day we live…the GOSPEL is what we need MORE of.

We must act to preserve the message of Christ…and this Passion Play is a vital part of it.

It would be a terrible shame to see it go under….and I do NOT believe the Lord wants it to go under and the light to go out on the Christ of the Ozarks.


We are trying to raise $110,000 to pay the bank interest on their note and their property tax.

If you know anyone who would consider giving to this worthy cause…please pass on the message.

I am going back up there next week to meet with their town business leaders. If we don’t raise at least $75,000 by Dec 31st…the bank will foreclose.

THERE’s NO RISK IN GIVING…. We are going to hold all contributions that we receive. If we don’t receive the full $75K by Dec 31st… and the bank forecloses on the property… then we will refund the contribution…AND/OR send the checks back. We will stay in close communication with you on this matter…PLEASE PRAY !!!

I believe we can do this…together…all of us who have been to the Passion Play OR even if you have not…but you BELIEVE that the message of Jesus Christ needs to be preserved and out in the FOREFRONT again in America. It would be SO SAD to see the Passion Play close.

There are several simple changes that can be made to save it.
Marketing and Management and Improvements and Adjustments… IT CAN AND WILL BE SUCCESSFUL if we can SAVE THE PASSION PLAY! We are working with them to change that.

Perhaps you would consider giving to this…or helping me find a few who will.


Make sure to click on OTHER …and type: "Passion Play" in the box.
Or mail a check to Passion Play, c/o The Gospel Station Network P.O. Box 1343, Ada OK 74821 USA

Will you share this on your Facebook page…and with others on your email data base?

Randall Christy, President
The Gospel Station Network &
The Great Passion Play, Eureka Springs

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