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Radon Gas is Not to Be Ignored

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2013

January is Radon Action Month. According to Harvard University, radon is America’s number one in-home hazard. 

Jim Medley owns and operates Radon Systems 4-U in Nixa. He says radon is a natural gas that comes out of the soil and is present in the air we breathe, but the problem comes from the buildup of radon in the home. He says there is a misconception that it’s only in homes with basements:

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Medley says all homes are affected by radon. He says the concern is the radon levels and the length of time you are exposed to the gas. People, who are home a lot, will receive more exposure to the gas. 

Radon gas has caused more American fatalities in 2012 than carbon monoxide, fires, and handguns combined. Missouri Health and Senior Services are giving away free test kits. Click on the link below to get your free test kit:

Doug - 01/10/2013 10:19:30 AM
How can people in Harrison get the kit?
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