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New Report Ranks Arkansas Schools in Top Five, But Missouri Schools in Bottom Ten

By: Wayne Powell
Posted: Friday, January 11, 2013

In its Quality Counts report, Education Week grades Arkansas schools as making the top-five in its class whereas Missouri ranks in the bottom ten.

None of the states made an A in the report.  Maryland scored highest with an 87.5 or B+.

Arkansas earned a respectable 81.7 or B- to place fifth in the report.  Unfortunately, Missouri was further down the list (41st) and scored less than the national average at 72.8 or C.

According to the report based from research from EPE Research Center, it captures “critical aspects of the broader educational environment and the level and equitability of school funding.”

The report showed that both states have areas of opportunity.

Click here for Arkansas’ report card.

Click here for Missouri’s report card.

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