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Hollister Superintendent Speaks Out Against StudentsFirst

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A non-profit organization that refers to themselves as an education advocacy group has given Arkansas’ educational system a “D” rating and has given Missouri’s educational system a “D minus.” The group known as StudentsFirst criticizes the states for not putting a priority on teachers, not empowering parents, and not spending education dollars wisely.

Hollister Public School Superintendent Tim Taylor disagrees with the group’s analysis. He says we should look at the intent of the organization as to the reason behind the low grades...

Hollister Superintendent Speaks Out Against StudentsFirst – Michael Greeley

Taylor says the Hollister School District pays teachers very competitively in their conference.  He said teachers typically do not enter the profession for the pay, but more for the children. He says Hollister School has a high ratio of parent involvement in their children’s education. 

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