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State Rail Plan Includes Possible Passenger Service in Branson Area

By: Sam Clanton
Posted: Friday, January 18, 2013

The State of Missouri’s 20-year Rail Plan was one of the topics Thursday at the monthly Partners in Progress meeting in Hollister. Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Railroad Operations Manager Kristi Jamison talked about aspects of the plan that could affect the Tri-Lakes area…

State Rail Plan Includes Possible Passenger Service in Branson Area – Sam Clanton

Jamison says increased use of freight and passenger rail has the potential to relieve congestion on Missouri highways, save time and reduce harmful emissions. Finding the funds for these projected goals is the major challenge.

Ron Newman is a retired railroad official who serves on the Taney County Transportation Advisory Board. He shared some of the board’s interests with Jamison…


Newman encouraged MoDOT to seek direct funding from the Federal Railroad Administration to accomplish goals set out in the state’s 20-year Rail Plan.

Photo 1 - MoDOT Railroad Operations Manager Kristi Jamison speaks with attendees at the January 17, 2013 Partners in Progress meeting at Hollister Town Hall. (photos by Sam Clanton)

Photo 2 - Ron Newman, right, along with David Miller, Trent Bower, Mike Myer and Jonas Arjes at the Partners in Progress meeting Thursday.

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