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Gun Sales are Up Locally

By: Elizabeth Monte
Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Local gun sales are up across the country as concerns about passage of legislation that would put restrictions on gun ownership mount.   

Ridge Runner Arms in Mountain Home's owner Alan Strain says since the school shooting in  Connecticut, he has difficulty keeping the assault weapons in stock.

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Strain says the reasons for purchasing assault weapons, magazines and ammunition varies, including for investment.

Shane Porter of Porter's Pawn and Bargain Center in Harrison and Moutnain Home says he too has seen an increase in gun sales, including assault weapons, sometimes called "black guns."

Strain says interest by first time gun owners is increasing.   He says his concealed weapon classes have doubled in size and activity on his shooting range is also up as well as sales of hand guns and other means of self-defense.

mrlogic - 01/23/2013 5:18:44 PM
YA THINK?!?! We may not have much money, or real fancy houses, but the people of this part of the world value 2 things - their freedom/liberties, and their families... try to impose ill will on either, and it's a bad deal... of course we're stocking up on our weapons.
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