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Carroll County Sheriff Believes Investigation Into His Office Is Political

By: Wayne Powell
Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Carroll County Sheriff Bob Grudek held a press conference yesterday.

Grudek held the conference to tell residents that he does not know the crux of the state’s investigation into his department.  However, he believes it is political…

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Special Prosecuting Attorney Jack McQuary of Little Rock sealed the search warrant.

The sheriff’s department arrested Cody Mayes in October 2011 and charged him with various drug related offenses after a routine traffic stop.

know for a fact...... - 01/23/2013 10:39:09 AM
I think he should also be concerned that his female deputy gives her underage daughter alcohol.
Sam Dunham - 01/31/2013 5:33:51 AM
Blame is something used by the accused and is an age old tactic to avoid truth. Dispatch really needs to be a separate entity from the Sheriff's control.Too much control equates to a King George mentality. It is a good thing the Sheriff is not the Prosecutor also! There have been a lot fo really bad decisions coming from Gudek in the past years. Some of which, are just beginning to surface. The Sheriff's Department needs more day to day accountability with the Citizenry and the Media, otherwise a tendancy to Rule bleeds over into the system that is supposed to serve and protect, not rule and reign over the Citizenry! Those of "Us" who have experianced first hand this Calloused attitude from Sheriff Grudek, already inderstand why this is happening. We are also waiting to see if anyone bothers to question the last four years of the Sheriff's dept and how He is held accountable. It is the opinion of many that Grudek is more of a Politician than a real Law Enforcement Officer. His temperament toward many ex-employee's, maay of which have more actual Law Enforcement experiance than him, needs to be addressed!
Sam Dunham - 01/31/2013 6:02:35 AM
I am not afraid to stand up for the truth! I may well be harrassed for my statements but am NOT afraid! Here i some of my obervations regarding The Sheriff, submitted with respect, I believe that "Whatsoever a Man Sows, that shall he also reap" I am certainly Chief amongt sinners,,but I am for truth, then redemption. Has anyone FOIA the fired Deputy and Jailor list? Has anyone compared this list to past Sheriff's? Hiring and firing employee's and why they were dismissed? Why were many dismissed after actually serving for several years in the Sheriff's Department? Has anyone ask how much money was spent by the County to train and send Deputies to the Academy that were either fired or left the Dept? If there has been numerous firings of those the County paid to train at the Academy, how much money has been lost by not having longevity of the Deputy within the County? This would be an interesting estimation based on what really benefits Carroll County and the Tax dollars spent for Training that was a loss by having to retrain others for the replacements. I'm thinking that nobody has ever asked these questions and like those in Political Office have not really been held accountable for making poor financial/budget decisions. I woud submit that longevity of County employee's should be a real financial benefit to the County considering it takes a year at least just to figure out the many rural and urban geographical areas for a Deputy to respond in a timely manner and really get to know the residents of the County. If the turnover rate is directly related to firings, may we also look at the Supervisor roles and job descriptions in management positions at the Sheriff's Dept. Poor supervision and lack of attention to detail may also be a failure to look at.Why were thosewho served so long suddenly fired? Is the supervision and training on standard operational procedures not an ongoing training subject at the Sheriif's Dept? Something is amiss!
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