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Branson Walmart Customers Evacuated After Code Red Alarm

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Branson fire crews rushed to Wal-Mart on Highway 76, shortly after 5 pm Wednesday, after they received a report of smoke in the building.  The business activated a "Code Red" over the store's intercom system and evacuated customers.  

Fire crews arrived and began to search the business, located on Highway 76 in Branson. Fire Chief, Ted Martin, says an odor was contained to a server room with the origin being the heat strips on the mechanical unit. He says the unit typically operates AC year round to keep the room cool, but for some reason, it switched to heat, and the strips were most likely covered in dust; thereby, causing the problem.  

Martin commended the Wal-Mart staff saying, “(they) did an awesome job evacuating customers and employees."  A group of customers and employees remained outside the store, until they were allowed to return.  The evacuation lasted about an hour.

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