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Boone County Sheriff Calls for Training Against Public Tragedies

By: Wayne Powell
Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boone County’s new sheriff is taking a stand in his new position for his county.

Sheriff Mike Moore is calling upon his county and its citizens to prepare against threats such as those that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Moore says he believes the county’s government should develop exercise-training methods to prevent attacks, such as the Newtown tragedy, from occurring…

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Moore says he believes the development of a countywide incident response plan for schools is important in defending against such tragedies.  However, he points out that it is just a start and the county and its citizens as well as citizens across the nation must continue to adapt.

m - 01/29/2013 4:13:40 AM
i completely agree with sheriff moore...there needs to be a staged event, involving not only first responders, but hospitals, schools, churches, and citizens...a good suggestion might be how we as a community would react and organize for a mass tragedy such as the joplin tornado..we all need to realize that could happen here any time, as well as a "man-made" tragedy such as newtown..
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