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Missouri Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Seat Belt Violations

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If you wear a seat belt and are involved in a crash, you are forty-two times more likely to survive. Sergeant Jason Pace of the highway patrol says, it’s important to know the law concerning children and the types of safety devices they should use:


He says parents are encouraged to secure children up to age two in a rear-facing seat. Children up to age four should be in an appropriate child restraint system. He says most accidents occur close to home and all safety components, such as the child restraint system, shoulder and lap belt, and airbags are all made to work together. For more details on the Missouri child safety restraint requirements, refer to the list below:

It is the driver's responsibility to ensure passengers, under the age of 16, are buckled up safely.  According to Missouri Statutes section: 307:179 Click here to view:

Children less than four years old, regardless of weight, use an appropriate child passenger restraint system.

Children weighing less than 40 pounds, regardless of age, to be secured in a child passenger restraint system appropriate for the child.

Children ages 4 to 7, who weigh at least 40 pounds, but less than 80 pounds, and are less than 4'9" tall, must be secured in a child passenger restraint system or a booster seat appropriate for that child.

Children who are at least 80 pounds or children taller than 4'9" tall must be secured by a vehicle safety belt or booster seat appropriate for that child.

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