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Tax Increse Proposed for Better Protection for Harrison School System

By: Elizabeth Monte
Posted: Friday, February 08, 2013

Last night the Harrison City Council met and with several things on the agenda.

Some of the items on the table included employees contracting with the City Ordinance, Fair Housing Ordinance, the Coop Purchasing Resolution, Resolution for Lake Trail Exercise Equipment and Safe Routes to School Resolution. 

In new business, a proposal was presented by a citizen of Harrison to raise taxes a quarter cent with all going towards the Harrison Police Department to strictly enforce and protect the school system in Harrison. 

Harrison Police Chief Pat Murphy says the raised tax would be a big help.

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Murphy went on to say as far as the money that went into the program if passed and voted in, it would benefit the school system. 

justmy opinion - 02/08/2013 9:10:54 PM
When are those people going to understand that we don't want no stinking taxes? I'm sure the City Police would be more than glad to accept a 1/4 cent tax to be used at their discretion: pay raises, retirement, new fleet, new equipment, all of which could be justified as contributing to the security of the schools.
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