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Recent Green Forest Burglaries May Be Related

By: Wayne Powell
Posted: Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Green Forest police are investigating a recent spat of burglaries they believe are connected.

Investigators looking into the burglaries of Mane Street Salon and Reliable Poultry have released information about the burglaries hoping to spur help from the public in capturing the criminals.  They say the suspects used the same object, a crowbar, to gain entry into the businesses.  They said there are other similarities, but declined to comment further.

What the suspects were unaware of was that video surveillance caught them on film outside Reliable Poultry.  From that, police have a description of the pair.  One suspect is around 5’5” tall and heavyset.  The other suspect is around 6’ tall and thin.  Both wore insulated bib overalls, hoodies, and handkerchiefs tied over their faces. 

The pair fled Reliable Poultry without taking anything after they tripped an intrusion alarm.  Investigators say suspects stole cash, blank business checks, and a customer’s check from the salon.

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