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Voters Go to the Polls Today

By: Michael Greeley
Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2013

On April 2nd voters across Missouri will be going to the polls for what is known as the General Municipal Election Day. 

In Stone County voters will decide on contested School Board positions in several School Districts including Hollister, Spokane, and Reeds Spring. Clever School District of Christian County is asking voters for permission to borrow 2-point 3-million dollars for the purpose of constructing a new FEMA shelter.

Stone County Emergency Services is filling two seats for fours year terms for both the North and South Sub District. North Stone and Northeast Barry County Fire Protection District is asking voters to approve a levy of 10-cents on for every 1-hundred dollars assessed on property taxes to support the fire district. 

In Branson West there are uncontested races for Mayor and Aldermen seats in Ward One and Two. 

In Taney County, voters will decide on a heavily debated 15-cent levy on personal property taxes to fund a public library system. Voters will also decide on contested School Board positions in various School Districts including Branson, Forsyth, and Hollister. 

Kirbyville School District is asking voters to approve the Board of Education to borrow 1-Million 650-thousand dollars ($1,650,000) for the purpose of constructing, equipping and furnishing tornado shelters at the middle school and the elementary school. If approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the School District is estimated to remain unchanged at 90-cents per 1-hundred dollars of assessed valuation. 

There are two contested mayoral races; one in Branson and the other in Forsyth, including contested aldermen seats in Rockaway Beach, Hollister, and Branson.

To view a sample election ballot, click on the links below:

Stone County: Click here

Taney County: Click here

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