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Teen Vandalism and Crime Up in Harrison

By: Elizabeth Monte/Skylar Skidmore
Posted: Friday, April 05, 2013

The Harrison City Council met last night with a few items on the agenda.  

Harrison Mayor Jeff Crockett brought up the Harrison Business License Ordinance.  The mayor suggested a decision to keep the business license or scrap it.

Right now initial registration or relocation is $35 and the renewal is $20. Discounts are offered if filed online.  The mayor says they are not making a profit and in fact losing money on the ordinance.  This topic will be pushed to committee.

In other city news, the city of Harrison is facing higher theft and vandalism from teens being out late at night.  

Lake Harrison has become a popular hang out spot where it is reported teens are smoking marijuana and vandalizing the park equipment.

Harrison Police Chief Pat Murphy says other places are popular late at night.

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Heather Cook, a Harrison resident suggested installing a city curfew that would help eliminate the crime.

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