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Branson Sports Entertainment Complex Responds to Morris' Letter

By: Wayne Powell
Posted: Friday, July 08, 2011

The Branson Sports Entertainment Complex, who is developing a racing complex near Ridgedale, Missouri, published a response to the letter from Bass Pro Shops and Big Cedar owner Johnny Morris.

In the response, Nathan Adams, a representative for the organization, disagrees with several of Morris' statements.  One of those statements is that his company is affiliated with the Facebook page "Branson Speedway."  Adams says that is not the case.  Adams says that BSEC has met with several racing organizations that Morris said they had not. 

Perhaps most importantly given the unemployment rate, BSEC says their organization would create thousands of jobs for the area.

The full rebuttal letter is listed below:

BSEC Responds to Mr. Morris

The Branson Sports Entertainment Complex (BSEC) is proud of our commitment to bring first class motor sports to Southwest Missouri and is extremely proud of the fact that thousands of needed jobs will be created in an area with 14.2% unemployment rate.

BSEC continues to offer to meet with Mr. Morris anyplace, anywhere and at a time of his choosing. To date, he has not taken us up on our offer. If he had, he might have learned that BSEC has no affiliation with the Facebook page that he is so strongly against.

Nathan Adams, Spokesman for BSEC, commented, "BSEC was shocked to be attacked bringing first class motorsports to Southwest Missouri. Debbie Bennett and Jamie Keys with Big Cedar Lodge provided promotional materials for the lodge in our presentations to three racing organizations. Should we need to release e-mails regarding this matter we will, however, it would be our hope that individuals will do the right thing and clear this matter up."

Nathan Adams, continued, "BSEC has always been up front that we are not NASCAR, however, we feel strongly that we have assembled a team that will bring world class racing to Southwest Missouri. This team includes Curtis Gray who has nearly 20 years of experience with NASCAR (Owned by the France Family), Chris Eales (HNTB) and Bob Carlson (DLR Group), who are the track engineer and grandstand architect of choice for International Speed Corporation, (which is owned by the France Family). While we will not negotiate in public, it is with all due respect to Mr. Morris, that I can say that while no commitments have been made, we have had several, positive meetings with the racing organizations he claims we have not."

BSEC has been endorsed by the Hollister Chamber of Commerce and by over 700 individuals and businesses (including a few golf courses) in Southwest Missouri who firmly believe that the Branson Motorplex will create thousands of new jobs, stabilize tourism and bring a much-needed economic boost to our region. All of these individuals took time to educate themselves regarding the project.

Mr. Adams finished, "We look forward to doing what we have always done which is to continue to be a good neighbor. It would be our hope that with our neighbors, although we may disagree from time to time on the future of our area; that we will deal with each other in a factual and friendly manner. To date BSEC has held over 200 hours of meetings, with members of the media, public officials, private individuals and organizations. "


michael a cotignola - 11/25/2011 8:47:05 AM
this letter is in response to a friday july 8 2011 letter or comment by mr morris from big ceder and bass pro shops now there seems to be another problem withsomething about the branson sports entertainment complex having something to do with face book and it being branson speedway plus there seems to be another problem with the sports complex maybe being nascar as mr nathan adams said with enemployment beig sky high and with branson missouri being a major tourist destination in america i guess besides myself im sure thah most of the fine folks in the branson area have to be saying by now let the races begin and stop already with all of these little non issue meaningless stand in the way childish back and forth tit for tat problems in im sure most folks minds and opions im sure that there glad that someone like mr cook came along in bad times and wants to build a 250 million dollar development project of this kind in a small town or small city like branson missouri folfs should be happy plus even proud that mr cook picked branson missouri and not somewhere else lets say like disneyworld or even dollywood for that matter im sure that they would welcome a project of this kind and size in bad times like this by the way the last time i heard isent branson missouri a tourist destination so in times like this or even in good times who in there right mind would try any thing and every thing in the books to do every thing that they can to stand in the way of a huge family entertainment development project like the bsec branson a few years ago spent over 450 million dollars to build a first class convention center in this town i would think to attract projects just like this one so what in the world is the problem period with this project being built if im correct wasent the branson airportbuilt in a tourist destination also to attract more tourists to the area and to attract more businesses to the area or development to the area including a project like the bsec or am i wrong then if your against a project like the bsec then why have a first class convention center and now a major airport of your own in my opion if your against the development in times like now with a clean family fun 250 million dollar sports complex wanting to be built in a great place like branson missouri and not somewhere else in america then theres just something very very wrong with the way the branson chamber and convention center is trying to attract new businesses to the branson area period in my opion the bsec should get the key to the city in bad times like this when so many folks around america dont know how there going to pay there house rent or pay there house off each month or how there going to even buy milk and bread or maybe put gas in there car tto go to work thats even if they do have a job to go to these days period so id say that its time to stop with all of the little non issue nit picking things that really dont mean a thing with a hand full of fine folks that in most opions have really no real good reason to stand in the way and not want a tourist attraction of this size to be built in a tourist destination like branson missouri also if branson missouri wants to continue to attract clean familt fun entertainment to the area plus continue to grow even more so in bad bad times then its now time to say cant we just get along and honer mr cook and his 250 million dollar bsec to the branson missouri area as long as he agrees to follow the laws of the area
michael a cotignola anadjes - 11/28/2011 9:28:06 AM
hi this comment is not only for the fine fols who live in the branson area which our family loves so much since we own 2 parcels of land in the area for the past 19 years now attn its ment mor so toward mr cook himself abd to mr nathan adams who is the spokes for the bsec it self in my opinion i believe that as time goes on branson missouri cant continue to grow past its 8 . 2 million tourist numbers that its now had now for many years now even with the building of a first class 450 million dollar convention center and now even having its very own air port period unless lots of things change around here and i mean change number one if not for the dec 7th 1991 tv show 60 minutes back then in my opinion branson mo would not be wher it is today im sure that over the past 19 years must folks dont know this or just dont want to know it because every one because of that tv show back then had a chance to come to branson and build something here and call this great area home oh and plus have the chance to make lots of money plus bring in much needed jobs for area folks besides brin in much needed tax dollars now dont get me wrong we love the fact that branson prides itself on being a family fun entertainment tourist attraction plus it is the music capital of the world besides attn but branson can not i repeat can not continue to think or believe that it can remain this major tourist attraction in america if it continues to think that it can count on only having and continue building music theaters alone this is not a good path to continue on alone when you have places like disney world out there and places like dolly wood and so on and so on i think you get my point i hope yous do in order for branson to g keep its current tourist numbers or see a rise in there tourist numbers which in my opinion are long over due id say or think after 19 years it must and i repeat it must change the way that it thinks and the way that its doing business around here because its not doing branson any good attn plus its just plum wrong and no good for tourism period what i mean is in tome fkls will become tired of coming here just to see music shows attn now thats why im getting to my next topic and thats why are there so maney problems with such a small hand full of folks and handfull of businesses not wanting this huge 250 million dollar family fun branson sports entertainment complex to come into this area or one better this tourist attraction attn the last time that i watched my tv all i see and here is this attn i hear about millions of hard working americans with out jobs or folks not being able to pay there bills or buy food or pay there rent or pay on there houses or even put gas in there cars and so on attn and this tourist attraction called branson missouri or a hand full of folks are doing every thing that they can to keep out a family fun tourist attraction like mr cooks 250 million dollar race track because of things like noise when you have a air port next to these same hand full of folks who are fighting to keep this much much needed great tourist attraction out because they say that they will be near or next to this tourist attraction well hello i understand your point attn but now try to unerstand mine or mr cooks and those who are in faver of this really huge project wanting to be built here in very hard and bad times attn the last time that i looked dont you fine folks know that yous do live in a major tourist attraction area and that any tourist area will and must continue ti grow and develope or in time it will just fade away little by little believe it or not it will trust me ok so if some one wants to continue to stay here and live here which is none of any ones business thats ok attn but on the other hand the chamber or the city or the county or the 450 million dollar convention center and so on cant want or expect to do every thing that they can to keep out such a huge family entertainment complex like this one that will create some 3000 jobs or more plus bring in much needed tax dollars just because you happen to live by choice in the way or oath of a major tourist attraction because it dont make sense not to any one with common sense dont get me wrong if mr cook wanted to build a x rated theater here then i can understand why the folks here would be up in arms attn but thats not the case here or the case wiyh this brand new familt entertainment sports complex wanting the chance to come here and build here just lke every one else has in the past and to the current time attn im sure that mr cook and his complex must and will follow the law in order to build his complex here and if thats what hes willing to do then why sould there be one problem after the other after the other continue to go on here its wrong plus its nothing but nonsense period ill end with saying this to every one and any one who dose not i repeat does not want mr cook here in this very friendly town with his 250 million dollar sports complex that can only brin 3000 much needed jobs in bad times like this plus only bring in much needed tax dollars to please think twice plus also think about all of those other folks who are out of work period and so on im sorry to have to say this but every thing in life can not be about one person and thats with any one person period it correct and plus its just the way that it should be attn now i just found a news article from the associted press which talks about mr cook is thinking about maybe moving his complex down the road a ways to the arkansa side of town plus if im correct hes already spoke to the arkansas economic development officials about doing this at a meeting in little rock plus i believe that this same story was told to the arkansas democrat gazette news paper attn well i can tell you all something about the arkansas democrat gazette that was wrote some years back attn and i still have this news article today in a article that they once wrote they like myself both believe and predict that bransons 3rd boom will take place here in northern boone county arkansas and trust me it will some reasons are lower taxes and lower land prices plus the fact that in my opinion its locted right under the new branson air port and in the middle of the harrison air port sounds like a great location to me how about you attn plus ive always said for the past 19 years that in time why 14 in boone county from cricket creek to diamond city arkansas one day will become the country music blvd of boone county arkansas and it will as predicted oh by the way after 19 long years the very 1st tourist attraction in boone county is now being built just a little west of diamond city right now the web site is www . ozark medival fortress . com attn so in my opinion and the gazettes opinion i believe that we both are right on target id say so this goes out to mr cook sir and his 250 million dollar if it where me even more so with folks now wanting to file lawsuits against 3000 clean fun much needed jobs in any area of america right now never mind here in branson which seem to not want them in a tourist destination plus the much needed tax dollars that they also dont seem to want ther attn in my opinion id drive my race cars a mile or so down the road to northern boone county arkansa im sure that the fine folks there would welcome mr cook and his complex plus his 3000 or so much needed jobs and dont forget the tax dollars that this really great project will bring with it period ok attn im sure the folks in boone county arkansas will give mr cook and his bsec . the key to the city or county then if that happens trust me its only a matter of time befor northern boone county explodes with all kins of brand new growth and new development it going to come here and sooner then attn most people think or believe this new area will become the area of bransons future growth and development for more reasons then one period so branson missouri yous must sit down and begin to think about the way that yous are doing things around here if yous want to continue to grow and develope and if yous want to continue to stay on top as a tourist destination and if yous want to continue to attn attract new busineeses and development to this great regin or in time i believe that yous will be sorry attn dont think just about today attn try to think into the future
michael a cotignola dsclear join - 12/13/2011 2:55:18 PM
posted dec 13th 11 from new york yes new york ive been commenting and showing my support around hear for 19 long years now some 1200 miles away not only in the branson area but on the arkansas side ever since the tv show 60 minutes back on dec 8th 1991 did the very first story ever on branson missouri by the way in case you live hear or moved hear and dont know this ill tell yous ok attn by the way it was this story that but branson mo on the map attn so in my opinion if not for that tv show back then branson missouri attn by the way would not be what it is today attn fact ok plus attn you would not have 8 . 2 million tourists coming to this area each year spending ther money here attn but with all of the growth and development attn since 60 minutes some 19 years ago branson mo and this entire area and attn some of its residents still go out of there way it seems to stand in the way or just try to stop just about any kind of attn new growth and development that tries to come to the branson area attn unless for some reason its another live music theater and thats ok because thats what made branson what it is today attn so in case you want to know why i comment so much on branson missouri so much living some 1200 miles away ill tell yous ok 1st after the tv show 60 minutes attn we in minutes my family and i fell in love with what we saw on tv back then attn so the very next day after the 60 minute show we started looking to buy land in the area attn so long story short we could not afford land even back then in the branson area attn but we got lucky and bought a one acrea lake front property with 221 feet on table rock lake off of why 65 /14 in boone county arkansas for 4500 dollars attn another thing is this ive been getting a news paper from the branson area for some 19 years now as a way of keeping up with what goes on in the area attn but better then that the news paper also tells you attn what does not go on in the area as well attn so thats why i comment so much even some 1200 miles away attn for example just because some one lives in a area does not always mean that there really care about what goes on in there area they just for the most part live and work there like any where else attn so thats why folks like me some times have to get involved because most folks just dont and that goes for where i live also ok attn for example im now very strongly now commenting on attn supporting the building of mr cooks 250 million dollar branson sports entertainment complex off of hwy 65 / 86 in the branson area attn its located just about 3 miles or so right above our land in boone county arkansas off of hwy 65 / 14 attn ridgedale mo is right above our land so befor i go on with my comments supporting the bsec attn id like to point out some interesting things to you fine folks here in the branson area attn for example i know that branson mo is not in faver of tall buildings being built here dont get me wrong im not talking about the empire state building beig built here attn but for example some years back some one wanted to build some kind of tall building here lets just say for example it was 12 / or 13 stories tall ok attn well every one back then was against it being built for more reasons then one ok attn but back then attn and even now i support tall buildings being built here and ill tell you why attn but i left out the most importing thing attn back then folks around here were calling a attn 12 story building a sky scraper attn instead of it just being called a tall building like it would have been and nothing more period but folks around here knocked it down and dident want it built the same way that they dont want mr cooks race track being built here instead its not to tall attn but now this huge fakily fun entertainment complex that would create some 3000 or more much needed jobs in any area never mind in a tourist destination plus the much needed tax dollars that a project this size attn would bring to any area attn now is not wanted here because a very small hand full of folks and one or 2 businesses say that it meaning the racetrack will make to much attn noise ok attn but meanwhile these very same folks live near or just moved here right next to or right near a live musis theater that bumps up and out very loud music each and every day that you live here attn and theres nothing wrong with that because yous happen to live in yhe live music capital of the word am i correct attn also if you want to talk about loud noises attn what about the 220 horse power boats going up and down the very same lake every day all year long attn by the way is the very same exact lake attn that folks around here dont want mr cooks race track being built near or on which ever attn unless im nuts or wrong attn i dont see a 220 horse power boat polouting the water every day attn plus making loud noise every day on the very same lake around here attn creating some 3000 ormore jobs here attn oh and dont forget the industrial park plans also that will create lets say another 300 jobs or more attn oh since im on the topic of this industrial park being built here attn which it should and is also very much needed if branson wants to continue to grow and develope over the years or ony day when folks get tired of just coming here to just see live music shows and they will over time trust me ok attn only is this racetrack very important towards bransons growth and devlopment attn so is atnn the idea of a industrial park and area being built here which ill explain ok attn for example going back when myself and a few others supported the buiding of that 12 story here in the branson area which also by the way would have created lots of new jobs and new buisness here attn back then i supported a industrial parf or just a special area in the branson area where lets say for example there should be office buildings built here in the branson area attn for example lets say the limit was 10 or 12 stories high then that the law and limit that you pass ok attn my point back then is the same point now ok attn for example branson missouri is not only a music city attn hello ists also a small city itself attn also if you build a 450 million dollar convention center oh and now your very own air port attn plus if yous want to ever get passed the 8 . 2 million tourist mark that yous have been now stuck at now for a very long long time then the branson chamber of commerce and convention center and new air port and planning and zoning commision have to now put all of these great things that yous now have to good use around here and move on with the times and not live in the past and begig to allowe and start to attract new projects attn hello like a race track attn and a plan now to create a industrial park where its time now like in any city even in a music city to allowe new folks and new buisnesses to be able to come in here in a area where they can for example be allowed to come in here with ther money and with the help of a brand new convention center and new airport oh and attn hello a brand new 250 million dollar race track attn and lets say for example be able to build lets say 12 story office buildings in a speacial area of this city to attract much different and much needed different kinds of jobs for different kinds of people or am i wrong attn ive been saying this for 19 years now attn oh hello and ill tell some if not all of you fine folks around here why in case yous dont know why i say and think this way ok attn for example lets say that your children are lucky enough to finish school and want to continue to stay and live in the branson area attn hello but lts say that the only job that they can gwet around here is ajob in a theater hello not that there is any thing wrong wiyh woking in a theater because its not ok arttn but lets say that with there education that they would like to find a higher paying job like maybe working for some kind of big company in some kind of office attn hello well since yous dont want to build or create some kind of area around herwe for things like this attn then hello i hate to have to tell yous same folks who dont evev want a race track built here never mind hello 12 story office buildings built here that your children in time will have to not only leave the branson area to be able to find a real good job to support themself and there family attn hello they will also have to leave home and leave yous as well attn but for some strange reason maybe yous just care or attn maybe yous are just not thinking or thinking ahead hello which yous should be if i were yous attn so im not trying to be smart with any one but instead im just trying to wake yous up befor one day its to late period attn so also for example if yous want to keep out mr cook and his 250 million dollar racetrack and some 3000 jobs just because of some little noise that it will bring with it if i were yous id think twice around here about a lot of good and important things and much needed things that you dont want around here and start to allowe these typwe of modern things to come into the branson area befor its to late around here attn getting back to the noise factor around here ok attn what about the millions of cars that come here each year or the thousands of hello tour buses that come here each year attn hello they dont make noise plus dirty the air besides attn so never mind the fact that yous are doing every thing that yous can to keep out the building of this much needednew project and 3000 new jobs oh befor mr cook drives his race cars down the road a ways south of ridgedale maybe to northern boone county arkansas oh by the way that where bransons 3 rd boom is expected to take place in the near future by the way in case yous dont know that to attn ive also said this to many years ago hello its about time that yous think about building a over head tram systrm around here in this nmajor tourist destination from one end of hwy 76 to the other oh and by the way while your at it hello link it to the brand new air port that was just built to attract new tourists and new buisnesses oh and while your at it or i would only hope that yous are thinking about this also link it to the brand new 450 million dollar convention center oh by the way its also been my opinion that disney has been in yhe area its just in my opinion that there just not ready to say it yet for some reason example so if im right and they are or one day do look to come into the area hello would yous also look to keep them out to for some micky mouse reason like yous are doing your very best to now keep out mr cook and his huge family fun sports entertainment complex and or race track for all of the wrong or just dumb reasons like every thing else around here over the many years but dont worry ok its just my opion but what ever that yous dony want being built around here i belive will only end up just a few miles souty donwn the road in boone county arkansas any way hello i predicted this 19 years ago when we bought our 1 st property there its my opinion that soon now hwy 14 from cricket creek to diamond city arkansas will one day real soon now become the hwy 76 of boone county arkansas trust me on this ok oh by the way ill be over the next day or so ill be mailing the taney county planning commision a very long long letter oh plus all of my comments that i posed and were printed on different web sites on different comment that where made trying to now keep out the building of mr cooks fine and much much needed different develpoment race track complex just so you know that im asking them to read my letter plus comment at the up and now coming late dec next taney county puplic hearing thanks and god bless
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