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Road Closings and Conditions

By: Elizabeth Monte
Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department has released the most current road closings and conditions in the area.  As of now, Highway 127 in Madison County near Aurora is closed.  In Carol County Hwy 23 near Eureka Springs is open to a one lane only.  In Searcy County Hwy 27 South of Marshall is open to a one lane only as well as Hwy 43 near Gather Mountain.   The department is also watching Hwy 7 very closely, due to sliding.  The Beaver Lake Bridge is closed and in Marion County Road 6077 is closed which is near Rea Valley. 

Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department District Engineer Steve  Lawrence says the department is now hoping that the Beaver Bridge in Eureka Springs will hold on as it remains under water. 

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 Stay with us for continuous road updates. 

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